Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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# QEMU patches don't include the `block/vitastor.c` file to not duplicate it in sources
# Run this script to append its creation to all QEMU patches
DIR=$(dirname $0)
for i in "$DIR"/qemu-*-vitastor.patch "$DIR"/pve-qemu-*-vitastor.patch; do
if ! grep -qP '^\+\+\+ .*block/vitastor\.c' $i; then
echo 'Index: a/block/vitastor.c' >> $i
echo '===================================================================' >> $i
echo '--- /dev/null' >> $i
echo '+++ a/block/vitastor.c' >> $i
echo '@@ -0,0 +1,'$(wc -l "$DIR"/../src/qemu_driver.c)' @@' >> $i
cat "$DIR"/../src/qemu_driver.c | sed 's/^/+/' >> $i