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Antonio Cervone 08c391f89a introduce consume_garbage() 7 years ago
Antonio Cervone 2d1d176a55 add routine to detect c-style comments 7 years ago
j4cbo 765cee3ed1 Merge pull request #39 from PollRobots/use-cmake 8 years ago
j4cbo b1e78cb1e4 Merge pull request #40 from PollRobots/fix-stdin-test 8 years ago
Paul C Roberts a021c3fbe2 Fixes bug in parse_from_stdin 8 years ago
Paul C Roberts 0c6e9d77a4 Add cmake support 8 years ago
Andrew Twyman 61ba0a1dd2 Make test.cpp compilable with GCC. 8 years ago
Andrew Twyman 50ed8c90e5 Test to demonstrate compiler behavior change in Xcode 7 / clang 3.7. 8 years ago
j4cbo 2aa22aab4b Merge pull request #36 from jcmonnin/master 8 years ago
Jean-Claude Monnin 0e8c5ba68f When dumping non-finite floating point values, output 'null'. 8 years ago
j4cbo 0193642bf8 Merge pull request #35 from akrieger/working 8 years ago
Andrew Krieger e15ff418dd For extra safety, add an explicit bounds check in utf8 parsing. 8 years ago
Steven Kabbes cfdd67577c Use strtod not atof 8 years ago
Steve Carroll ae9542cc35 in encode_utf8, there is an implicit truncating cast that VS2015CTP6 is 8 years ago
j4cbo 51166ddca6 Merge pull request #27 from k0zmo/const-pair 8 years ago
k0zmo 7fd738ae42 iterate over pair of const string and Json 8 years ago
j4cbo be631169db Merge pull request #24 from masamitsu-murase/use_compare 8 years ago
j4cbo e31ac4ebb4 Merge pull request #23 from masamitsu-murase/use_static_cast_for_hierarchy_navigation 8 years ago
Masamitsu MURASE 37ca641d82 Use static_cast instead of reinterpret_cast for hierarchy navigation. 8 years ago
Masamitsu MURASE c6a8736171 Use string::compare to improve performance. 8 years ago
Jacob Potter 6de4c29e76 fix int->double->int conversion in JsonInt 9 years ago
Jacob Potter 73baf7e677 Style fixes 9 years ago
Jacob Potter 679e4b83d2 Another VS14 fix 9 years ago
Jacob Potter 7103522344 Identify map- and vector-like objects in a VS14-compatible way 9 years ago
Jacob Potter d9bdd84c76 Limit maximum nesting depth (issue reported by Jeff Larson) 9 years ago
j4cbo 80578664de Merge pull request #1 from CodeFridge/feature/const 9 years ago
Steven Kabbes 731322c2b8 Add const to comparisons 9 years ago
Jacob Potter 277e1b166f Make Json safe to use during static initialization. 9 years ago
Jacob Potter d2e5485973 Spacing fix 9 years ago
Jacob Potter 979cb4ca76 Add LICENSE.txt; some minor cleanups 10 years ago
Jacob Potter fe5e2167a5 Initial commit 10 years ago