• Stable v0.8.6 8810eae8fb

    Release 0.8.6

    vitalif released this 4 weeks ago | 9 commits to master since this release

    Important fixes:

    • Fix possibly incorrect EC parity chunk updates with EC n+k, k > 1 and when
      the first parity chunk is missing

    Minor fixes and improvements:

    • Fix incorrect EC free space statistics in vitastor-cli df output
    • Speedup vitastor-cli startup in clusters with RDMA
    • Remove unused PG "peered" state (previously used to update PG epoch)
    • Use sfdisk with just --json in vitastor-disk (--dump --json isn't needed)
    • Allow trailing comma in sfdisk output (fixes sfdisk 2.36 compatibility)
    • Slightly improve RDMA send/receive code
    • Reduce RDMA memory consumption by default (rdma_max_recv/send = 16/8)
    • Use vitastor-cli instead of direct etcd interaction in the CSI driver
  • Stable v0.8.5 d125fb1f30

    Release 0.8.5

    vitalif released this 2 months ago | 25 commits to master since this release

    • Fix a possible "double free" bug in the client library happening on OSD restart
    • Fix a possible write hang on PG history update when only epoch is changed
    • Fix incorrect systemd target "local.target" in mon/make-etcd
    • Allow "content" option in PVE storage plugin to allow to enable containers
    • Build client library without tcmalloc which fixes "attempt to free invalid pointer"
      errors when, for example, trying to run QEMU with both Vitastor and Ceph RBD disks
  • Stable v0.8.4 81fc8bb94c

    Release 0.8.4

    vitalif released this 2 months ago | 33 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • Implement QCOW2 image/snapshot export via qemu-img (bdrv_co_block_status in the driver)
    • Remove OSDs from PG history during vitastor-cli rm-osd to prevent left_on_dead PG states after deletion
    • Add a new recovery_pg_switch setting to mix all PGs during recovery, to almost
      fully reduce the probability of ENOSPC during rebalance
    • Introduce partial ENOSPC ("OSD is full") handling - now ENOSPC doesn't turn
      into cascades of crashes
    • Add migration support to Proxmox VE Vitastor driver
    • Track last_clean_pgs on a per-pool basis thus reducing data movement in a cluster
      with pools remaining unclean/degraded for a long time

    Bug fixes:

    • Fix a bug where monitor could generate degraded PGs if one of the hosts had no OSDs
    • Fix a bug where monitor could skip PG redistribution with a lot of OSDs in cluster
    • Report PG history synchronously on the first write, which improves PG consistency
      and availability at the same time, because history now gets reported correctly
      and doesn't get reported without the need for it
    • Fix possible write and recovery stalls which could happen in a cluster with both EC and replicated pools
    • Make OSD and monitors sanitize & deduplicate PG history items in etcd
    • Fix non-working OSD peer config safety check
    • Fix a rare journal flush stall where flushing wasn't activated with full journal, but with empty flush queue
    • Fix builds without ISA-L (jerasure-only) crashing with EC N+K, K>=2 due to the lack of 16-byte buffer alignment
    • Fix a possible crash for EC N+K, K>=2 when calculating a parity chunk with previous parity chunk missing
    • Fix a bug where vitastor-disk purge with suppressed warnings didn't work
  • Stable v0.8.3 fa90f287da

    Release 0.8.3

    vitalif released this 3 months ago | 66 commits to master since this release

    • Implement a new "vitastor-disk purge" command to remove OSDs with safety checks
    • Implement a new "vitastor-cli rm-osd" command to only remove OSD metadata from etcd
    • Fix a bug where the monitor could ignore OSD removal and other /osd/stats key changes
    • Fix a bug where garbage could be returned when reading objects being written at the same time
    • Fix a rare write stall where journal space could be not reclaimed where there
      were no new operations in the flush queue
    • Fix a rare peering stall caused by a previous long listing operations queues limiting attempt
    • Fix total object count statistic in OSD on object creation
    • Add missing offset&len into vitastor-disk dump-journal for big_writes, fix JSON format
    • Make vitastor-cli print help on missing command
    • Make vitastor-cli translate all '-' to '_' in CLI options
  • Stable v0.8.2 5ef8bed75f

    Release 0.8.2

    vitalif released this 3 months ago | 80 commits to master since this release

    • Fix QEMU driver compatibility with QEMU 7.0 and < 2.9
    • Add patches for pve-qemu-kvm 7.1 (PVE 7.3) and pve-qemu-kvm 6.2 (PVE 7.2)
    • Fix Proxmox driver location in the pve-storage-vitastor package
    • Disable HDD autodetection in non-hybrid mode
    • Explicitly warn about a buggy kernels on -EAGAIN in io_uring
    • Final fix for the lack of zeroing out of old metadata entries
      (do not crash with "big_write journal_entry was allocated over another object"
      in some cases after an unclean OSD shutdown)
    • Wait for data writes before fsyncing data if data fsync is enabled
    • Never try to wait for free space inside blockstore thus stalling OSDs
    • Fix a rare crash in osd_peering due to callback ordering
    • Fix a rare duplication of ping & op message IDs
    • Fix a rare use-after-free during pings
    • Add --force to vitastor-disk read-sb
    • Make vitastor-disk dump metadata object IDs in hex, add forgotten commas
  • Stable v0.8.1 8fdf30b21f

    Release 0.8.1

    vitalif released this 4 months ago | 100 commits to master since this release

    • Remove an additional data copy operation when flushing journal (should
      slightly increase write performance)
    • Fix a bug where new writes in the inmemory_journal=false mode could overwrite
      the data currently read by a parallel read operation
    • Fix degraded parity writes for EC N+K when K>1 where the bug could also lead
      to an "assertion failed" error
    • Fix missing journal space check for "big" writes which could lead to
      "prefill_single_journal_entry(): assertion failed..." error in OSD
    • Fix possible "assertion failed: next->prev_wait >= 0" in client in rare cases
    • Fix missing "len" field in vitastor-disk write-journal big_writes
    • Fix possible crash of a full OSD (ENOSPC)
    • Fix CSI build scripts to include newest packages every time
    • Fix CSI endpoint in the liveness probe manifest
  • Stable v0.8.0 11ec9ad874

    Release 0.8.0

    vitalif released this 7 months ago | 113 commits to master since this release

    • Implement automatic OSD activation via udev and simple on-disk superblock storage
    • Add a new vitastor-disk tool and merge all disk-related functionality there.
      Now it can prepare new OSD disks, upgrade plain old systemd units to the new scheme,
      resize OSD data area, manage OSD services by disk paths, manage superblocks,
      automatically check and disable disk cache, dump and write back journal and metadata.
    • Add a documentation section about vitastor-disk (read it if you want details!)
    • Install systemd services during package installation instead of the older method
      of manually creating them via separate shell scripts
    • Add a new make-etcd script that reuses /etc/vitastor/vitastor.conf to configure etcd
    • Allow to configure block_size, bitmap_granularity and immediate_commit per-pool
    • Fix "fatal error: tried to overwrite non-zero metadata entry" which was possible
      in some cases after unclean OSD shutdown (caused by old metadata entries not being zeroed)
  • Stable v0.7.1 101592bbff

    Release 0.7.1

    vitalif released this 10 months ago | 179 commits to master since this release

    • Add ISA-L erasure code implementation, now used automatically instead of jerasure when available
    • Fix listings sending too many parallel requests to OSDs
    • Fix rm-data crashing with --wait-list
    • Remove empty inodes from statistics and ls output, after <inode_vanish_time> seconds after deletion
    • Make monitor delete pool statistics when the pool is deleted and thus remove them from df output
    • Log multiple etcd addresses in OSD logs correctly
    • Fix true/false parsing in json configs like no_recovery/no_rebalance
    • Show no_recovery, no_rebalance, readonly flags in status
  • Stable v0.7.0 d8313e939a

    Release 0.7.0

    vitalif released this 10 months ago | 193 commits to master since this release

    • Add documentation! :-) in Russian and English
    • Implement an NFS proxy for file-based access emulation to Vitastor
      images for non-QEMU based hypervisors like VMWare, as a better way
      than iSCSI
    • Implement "primary affinity tags"
    • Add a patch for libvirt 6.0
    • Fix free_down_raw in cli status
    • Fix a rare bug where OSDs could drop unrelated connections on errors
  • Stable v0.6.17 bb84379db6

    Release 0.6.17

    vitalif released this 11 months ago | 208 commits to master since this release

    • Fix incorrect reading of extra metadata block leading to extra unknown objects in stats
    • Fix CSI driver volumeMode: Block support
    • Add block PVC and pod examples
    • Fix build under 32 bit architectures
    • Fix slow connection ramp-up caused by up_wait_retry_interval