Bugzilla4intranet Docker image
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Bugzilla4Intranet Docker image

Build it:

docker build -t bugzilla4intranet .

Run it:

docker run --name bz4i -p 8158:8157 -v /home/data -t -d bugzilla4intranet

Then point your browser to localhost:8158, login as admin@bugzilla.4intra.net with 'bugzilla' password and configure your Bugzilla.

Please note that you should probably use SMTP to send email from inside of a Docker container.

You can take example nginx configuration for proxying Bugzilla4Intranet from this repo: etc/nginx/sites-available/bugzilla4intranet

Docker cheatsheet

Some basic commands to work with the resulting container:

  • list running containers: docker ps
  • list all containers: docker ps -a
  • list system images: docker images
  • stop container: docker stop mw4i
  • start container again: docker start mw4i
  • run shell in the container: docker exec -it mw4i bash
  • remove container: docker rm <container_id>
  • remove image: docker rmi <image_id>

P.S: If you get "Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?" error, add your system user into docker group and relogin!