STANDALONE and SIMPLE!!! OAuth 2.0 identity provider integration.
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Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited.

We accept contributions via Pull Requests on Github.

Pull Requests

  • PSR-2 Coding Standard - The easiest way to apply the conventions is to install PHP Code Sniffer.

  • Add tests! - Your patch won't be accepted if it doesn't have tests.

  • Document any change in behaviour - Make sure the README and any other relevant documentation are kept up-to-date.

  • Consider our release cycle - We try to follow SemVer. Randomly breaking public APIs is not an option.

  • Create topic branches - Don't ask us to pull from your master branch.

  • One pull request per feature - If you want to do more than one thing, send multiple pull requests.

  • Send coherent history - Make sure each individual commit in your pull request is meaningful. If you had to make multiple intermediate commits while developing, please squash them before submitting.

  • Ensure tests pass! - Please run the tests (see below) before submitting your pull request, and make sure they pass. We won't accept a patch until all tests pass.

  • Ensure no coding standards violations - Please run PHP Code Sniffer using the PSR-2 standard (see below) before submitting your pull request. A violation will cause the build to fail, so please make sure there are no violations. We can't accept a patch if the build fails.

Running Tests

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

Running PHP Code Sniffer

$ ./vendor/bin/phpcs src --standard=psr2 -sp

Happy coding!