prettier с фиксом для поддержки скобок с новой строки
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fisker Cheung d789126c69 Switch `rollup-plugin-alias` to `@rollup/plugin-alias` (#6764) 3 years ago
build Switch `rollup-plugin-alias` to `@rollup/plugin-alias` (#6764) 3 years ago
release set up cspell (#6684) 3 years ago
.eslintrc.yml Fix `.eslintrc.yml` code style (#6388) 3 years ago
build-docs.js docs: fix Windows build (#5742) (#5743) 4 years ago
check-deps.js Move all docs to website (#3139) 5 years ago
generate-schema.js fix(schema): support array type (#4312) 4 years ago
run-external-tests.js Bump Prettier dependency to 1.18.0 3 years ago
sync-flow-tests.js Upgrade Prettier to Prettier 1.9 (#3395) 5 years ago
test-dist.js chore: improve release scripts (#4933) 4 years ago