580 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vitaliy Filippov 57837a1cc6 Capture all by value in qemu_proxy 1 day ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 058dcac2a7 Make flusher_count adaptive and limit write iodepth 2 days ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 22071eea26 A little better systemd unit generator 3 days ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 635abefa17 Add a test for the no_same_sector_overwrites mode 3 days ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 185a1fe7dd Use packages/ subdir instead of build/ for Docker package builds 4 days ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 36cdeaf6dc Move C/C++ sources to src subdirectory 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 1ac1dae639 Use CMake 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 663637a510 Slightly clean up the build script 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 5f086624ee Add .gitignore 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 5f9d7c82bb Add LICENSE 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov d6e43c7dd0 Allow to enable AddressSanitizer with "ASAN=1 make" 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov cf772cbe8e Use LSAN suppressions in qemu-img tests 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 6624bf9cf6 Use w=8 with jerasure 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov c56525c515 Add Russian version of the README 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Filippov be51cd81e7 Introduce image names and metadata storage in etcd 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 14d0f58b52 Add another test for failure domains 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov c8a7318edf Use clean_entry_bitmap_size instead of entry_attr_size back because of changed bitmap handling 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov a8791ad9c5 Add a test for snapshots, fix bugs. Now the test passes 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov c67805698e Update the license to VNPL 1.1 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 068f24150a Begin snapshot test 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov b62b88cbba Fix small memory leak in etcd_state_client 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 14569854fa Fix part bitmap addresses 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov f84af76276 Fix several snapshot I/O bugs 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 21e093f14e Fix subop generation for snapshot implementation 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 96d68fb3e7 Actual snapshot support (untested) 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov c47a973d13 Generate randomly permutated OSD combinations when optimizing for compressed chunks 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 88e0d070fe Report inode I/O statistics, aggregate it in the monitor 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov a9968e167b Report inode space usage statistics to etcd, aggregate it in the monitor 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 4baee01b0b Do not break subsequent small writes badly when a big write is canceled 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 9dd6fdddfd Add inode space usage statistics tracking to blockstore 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov e883084a8b Mirror afr.js from /vitalif/ceph-afr-calc 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov b980218f17 Send bitmaps with primary-reads, actually read bitmaps for READ ops 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov dae3f8896e Allocate bitmaps along with stripes to avoid memory fragmentation 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 6f0f92db8c Remove cryptic bitmap inlining from bs_op_t and osd_op_t, use bitmap in primary OSD code 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 5fc4f19d4d Add "external" bitmap support to the secondary OSD protocol 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 257360fd7c Use bitmap granularity for alignment checks 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov d26fa02a7f Add "external" bitmap support into blockstore 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov ee4827aa35 Add "external" bitmap support to osd_rmw 1 month ago
  Vitaliy Filippov b9e7d31aa1 Release v0.5.4 1 day ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 2d9f09dcb6 Attempt forced trim when stopping an overrun flusher 1 day ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 7cc59260c5 Fix no_same_sector_overwrites related bug 3 days ago
  Vitaliy Filippov ca0a11ec85 Release 0.5.3 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 51c0b5afee Whitelist more leaks 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov e1e01d042e Rename sector_info.usage_count to flush_count 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 534a4a657e Rename space_check.sectors_required to sectors_to_write 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 9b5d8b9ad4 Fix multiple-sector journal writes, add assertions to not miss any SQEs 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov e66ed47515 Clear SQEs before returning them to the caller to prevent erroneous double submissions 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 036c6d4c42 Add a simple test case 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 4cb79a3bf8 Allow to calculate simple-offsets for files 3 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 3bf53754c2 Fix several I/O bugs 3 weeks ago