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Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Vitaliy Filippov de767d38f4 Report inode I/O statistics, aggregate it in the monitor пре 20 часа
  Vitaliy Filippov b88b76f316 Parallel usage of multiple network interfaces was a sick fantasy пре 3 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 4a17a61d1f Make rm_inode work with incomplete and degraded objects, allow to wait before deleting objects пре 3 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 26dac57083 State that jerasure is now supported пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 5596ad8997 Use custom QEMU build for CentOS 7 пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 59c29b0cee Fix RPATH for CentOS builds, add additional repos into the CentOS installation instructions пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov d3e7749616 Final fixes for packaging пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 530975aed7 Make it also build with GCC 8 and on Debian Buster пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov e41bee72a5 Lower node.js requirement to 10.x пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 3be7bc29d8 Make it build with QEMU 2.0, too пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 3b7279b376 Add Ceph EC 2+1 test results пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 23ea409081 Fix "can't get SQE, will fall out of sync with EPOLLET" when overflowing the ring пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 1eda7f529d Note about Linux 5.8+ пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov ae480196e2 Add a note about etcd bug, fix simple-offsets.js cmdline пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 900171586b XOR 2+1 test results пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov be5f314c32 Change notes about gcc requirement to 9+, fio to 3.16+ пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 15dba96375 Implement inode removal tool. Removes multiple objects from multiple OSDs in parallel пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 94efb54feb Implement OSD tags (device classes), fix pool failure_domain configuration пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 526983f7a9 Add usable CLI commands for NBD proxy (map/unmap/list) пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov f460d8c1c8 Add note about NBD пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 6852f299ae Add functions to calculate AFR for a cluster пре 3 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 108cd6312d Correct some typos in README, add note about qemu-img пре 4 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 588b9e6393 Add README пре 4 месеци