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  Vitaliy Filippov bf9a175efc Move C/C++ sources to src subdirectory 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 4a2dcf7b6b Update the license to VNPL 1.1 4 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 0471b09b9c Add license notices to all source code files 5 months ago
  Vitaliy Filippov d4fd9d982a Implement read-modify-write calculation and extract it into a separate file 1 year ago
  Vitaliy Filippov ffe073473a Remove hardcode of the EC(2+1) scheme, now it supports EC(k+1), fix some bugs 1 year ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 1447c44b68 Calculate required stabilize/rollback actions, add more map perf tests 1 year ago
  Vitaliy Filippov 8c05ee252c Test object list sorting, begin peering code 1 year ago
  Vitaliy Filippov e88ad3f2ff Implement object list operation in blockstore 1 year ago
  Vitaliy Filippov e60e6978ac Extract object_id and obj_ver_id to separate header 1 year ago