535 Комити (master)

Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Vitaliy Filippov 980851ae7d Add inode space usage statistics tracking to blockstore пре 16 часа
  Vitaliy Filippov a0b895dbed Mirror afr.js from /vitalif/ceph-afr-calc пре 22 часа
  Vitaliy Filippov 94ec48caa3 Send bitmaps with primary-reads, actually read bitmaps for READ ops пре 5 дана
  Vitaliy Filippov 3693252259 Do not use pg_minsize in the client code! пре 5 дана
  Vitaliy Filippov 3ecc890c2c Allocate bitmaps along with stripes to avoid memory fragmentation пре 6 дана
  Vitaliy Filippov 09278b1794 Remove cryptic bitmap inlining from bs_op_t and osd_op_t, use bitmap in primary OSD code пре 6 дана
  Vitaliy Filippov f73be23f19 Add "external" bitmap support to the secondary OSD protocol пре 1 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 54e53640b9 Use bitmap granularity for alignment checks пре 1 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov d8fcc6ba64 Add "external" bitmap support into blockstore пре 1 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov b1915f031b Add "external" bitmap support to osd_rmw пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 28be049909 Dump only actual part of the journal by default пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 78fbaacf1f External jerasure's w into defines пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 1526c5a213 Add lp_solve into dependencies пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov c7cc414c90 Skip removed descriptors in epoll (this is possible in real clusters) пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov f4ea313707 Fix cl->read_op being freed without calling the completion callback пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov b88b76f316 Parallel usage of multiple network interfaces was a sick fantasy пре 2 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov 4a17a61d1f Make rm_inode work with incomplete and degraded objects, allow to wait before deleting objects пре 3 недеља
  Vitaliy Filippov ccabbbfbcb For reference: include a spec patch for building QEMU 4.2 or CentOS 7 пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 26dac57083 State that jerasure is now supported пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 44a53d8352 Huh. Fix rpath for packages пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 9d80bd2d98 Build with jerasure, split some build scripts пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 322a38a144 Fix non-preserved real_pg_count leading to inability to change pools online пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 1018764c91 Fix write->delete->write bugs, add & fix some debugging output пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov a45e0e5e67 Use custom decoding instead of just jerasure_matrix_decode() пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 44656fbf67 Allow writes with low version numbers after a delete пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 089f138e0c Allow situations where the journal contains a big_write(v1) after delete(v2) and v1 < v2 пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov bcc8e697f9 Delete PGs when deleting pools пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov a4c46ba745 Add jerasure EC support (reed_sol_van, others are slower) (not tested yet) пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 5596ad8997 Use custom QEMU build for CentOS 7 пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 59c29b0cee Fix RPATH for CentOS builds, add additional repos into the CentOS installation instructions пре 1 месец
  Vitaliy Filippov 959089b919 Enable progress_notify=true for etcd watches пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov d3e7749616 Final fixes for packaging пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov b56f8820ec Container packaging for Debian 11 Bullseye, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 4bd2bd48eb Build Vitastor packages, too пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov a3fc9f8d7d Add a Dockerfile to build patched QEMU for Debian (Buster) пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 530975aed7 Make it also build with GCC 8 and on Debian Buster пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 1446aad107 Simple patch for qemu-kvm .spec пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 46479e2456 Add RPM build scripts for CentOS 8 пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov e41bee72a5 Lower node.js requirement to 10.x пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 2e0f223ddb Add RPM build scripts for CentOS 7 пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 3be7bc29d8 Make it build with QEMU 2.0, too пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 0c43ff9daf Add scripts to copy fio and qemu includes to the source package пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 64d471cf53 Add simple Debian packaging пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 809b2ad8cd Add install target пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 550d4af151 Rename test.cpp to test_shit.cpp (random shit) пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov cf0f23ab8e Add patches for QEMU QAPI IDL пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov a516fefa8c Add qemu_module_dummy and qemu_stamp_xxx to qemu_driver.c пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 3b7279b376 Add Ceph EC 2+1 test results пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 824ea507d0 Do not try to push more segments than IOV_MAX at once as it leads to EMSGSIZE пре 2 месеци
  Vitaliy Filippov 23ea409081 Fix "can't get SQE, will fall out of sync with EPOLLET" when overflowing the ring пре 2 месеци