Fix patch to use "git am" #5

shaba wants to merge 117 commits from <deleted>:master into master
shaba commented 1 year ago
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shaba added 117 commits 1 year ago
979cb4ca76 Add LICENSE.txt; some minor cleanups
e31ac4ebb4 Merge pull request #23 from masamitsu-murase/use_static_cast_for_hierarchy_navigation
51166ddca6 Merge pull request #27 from k0zmo/const-pair
ae9542cc35 in encode_utf8, there is an implicit truncating cast that VS2015CTP6 is
0193642bf8 Merge pull request #35 from akrieger/working
0e8c5ba68f When dumping non-finite floating point values, output 'null'.
2aa22aab4b Merge pull request #36 from jcmonnin/master
0c6e9d77a4 Add cmake support
a021c3fbe2 Fixes bug in parse_from_stdin
08c391f89a introduce consume_garbage()
d292fce9f2 improve comment test.
f21b8c360e add malformed comment tests.
afcc8d0d82 Merge pull request #47 from PSPDFKit-labs/fix-warnings
8076ba74e0 Generate pkg-config File & Add Install
eefbd630ec Merge pull request #53 from njwhite/master
33bca8e178 implement parsing of chunked json
df1fdbfd79 Merge pull request #57 from ChrisKitching/fixpkgconfigInstall
78e43a9ea7 Merge pull request #68 from AustinBrunkhorst/master
fb6cc808e0 Merge pull request #69 from dropbox/atwyman/pre-processor-customization
787809178d Merge pull request #71 from admsyn/fix-cmake-c++11-flag
5edb0b8607 Merge tag 'v0.6.3'
d541387172 0.6.4-alt2
shaba closed this pull request 1 year ago

Please ignore this PR.

Please ignore this PR.
This pull request cannot be reopened because the branch was deleted.
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