• Stable v0.5.10 7e6e1a5a82

    Release 0.5.10

    vitalif released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    The version seems to be stable after this bunch of fixes :)

    • Fix delete & write operation ordering during rebalance to not lose objects in the immediate_commit=off mode
    • Fix a possible crash caused by very high iodepths
    • Re-distribute PG primaries over OSDs that come up after a short downtime
    • Allow to specify etcd URLs for OSDs with http://, do not die with a strange error if -etcd option is missing for fio
    • Fix a journal flushing deadlock which sometimes occurred in the immediate_commit=off mode
    • Fix a bug where OSDs could hang if the data device filled up
    • Fix an allocator bug where it was unable to allocate up to last (n%64) data device blocks
    • Fix monitor crash that occurred on removal of some etcd keys
    • Fix a bug where PGs could remain incomplete due to incorrect PG history with just zeroes in osd_sets