• Stable v0.5.11 462650134e

    Release 0.5.11

    vitalif released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    Another bunch of fixes, including important ones. Now OSDs are stable in SSD+HDD
    configurations and everything is mostly ready for the merge of master branch.


    • Add min_flusher_count configuration (good for HDDs)
    • Shuffle PGs for better data device utilisation
    • Make OSDs benefit from the immediate_commit=small setting if it's applicable

    Bug fixes:

    • Rework client code to fix write ordering during operation replay
    • Rework error handling code so OSDs don't crash in reaction to a crash of their peer OSDs
    • Fix several block layer problems related to the journal, some of which
      were leading to double allocations of the same block during journal replay
    • Fix monitors crashing during the removal of OSD keys from etcd
    • Fix data fsyncs being incorrectly disabled when only disable_journal_fsync was set
    • Always zero out unused part of request/reply headers
    • Fix some theoretically possible read/write ordering issues
    • Don't try to "recover" misplaced objects if it would make them degraded
    • Fix heartbeats sometimes preventing OSD to establish connections