• Stable v0.6.7 7eabc364bf

    Release 0.6.7

    vitalif released this 8 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • Implement CLI commands for listing, viewing I/O statistics, creating,
      snapshotting, cloning, resizing and modifying images. All these operations
      are covered by 3 commands: ls, create, modify
    • Implement an important fix to prior OSD set tracking for PGs. The previous
      version had an issue which could lead to data loss due to an OSD with older
      copy of the data thinking it has the newest copy
    • Fix I/O statistics aggregation in the monitor
    • Several minor fixes for Cinder driver
    • Fix QEMU driver to be compatible with QEMU 2.x > 2.0
    • Fix stalls sometimes possible in configurations without immediate_commit due
      to insufficient amount of automatic internal fsync operations
    • Add vita alias for vitastor-cli