• Stable v0.8.1 8fdf30b21f

    Release 0.8.1

    vitalif released this 4 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • Remove an additional data copy operation when flushing journal (should
      slightly increase write performance)
    • Fix a bug where new writes in the inmemory_journal=false mode could overwrite
      the data currently read by a parallel read operation
    • Fix degraded parity writes for EC N+K when K>1 where the bug could also lead
      to an "assertion failed" error
    • Fix missing journal space check for "big" writes which could lead to
      "prefill_single_journal_entry(): assertion failed..." error in OSD
    • Fix possible "assertion failed: next->prev_wait >= 0" in client in rare cases
    • Fix missing "len" field in vitastor-disk write-journal big_writes
    • Fix possible crash of a full OSD (ENOSPC)
    • Fix CSI build scripts to include newest packages every time
    • Fix CSI endpoint in the liveness probe manifest