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    Release 0.8.2

    vitalif released this 3 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • Fix QEMU driver compatibility with QEMU 7.0 and < 2.9
    • Add patches for pve-qemu-kvm 7.1 (PVE 7.3) and pve-qemu-kvm 6.2 (PVE 7.2)
    • Fix Proxmox driver location in the pve-storage-vitastor package
    • Disable HDD autodetection in non-hybrid mode
    • Explicitly warn about a buggy kernels on -EAGAIN in io_uring
    • Final fix for the lack of zeroing out of old metadata entries
      (do not crash with "big_write journal_entry was allocated over another object"
      in some cases after an unclean OSD shutdown)
    • Wait for data writes before fsyncing data if data fsync is enabled
    • Never try to wait for free space inside blockstore thus stalling OSDs
    • Fix a rare crash in osd_peering due to callback ordering
    • Fix a rare duplication of ping & op message IDs
    • Fix a rare use-after-free during pings
    • Add --force to vitastor-disk read-sb
    • Make vitastor-disk dump metadata object IDs in hex, add forgotten commas