• Stable v0.8.6 8810eae8fb

    Release 0.8.6

    vitalif released this 4 weeks ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    Important fixes:

    • Fix possibly incorrect EC parity chunk updates with EC n+k, k > 1 and when
      the first parity chunk is missing

    Minor fixes and improvements:

    • Fix incorrect EC free space statistics in vitastor-cli df output
    • Speedup vitastor-cli startup in clusters with RDMA
    • Remove unused PG "peered" state (previously used to update PG epoch)
    • Use sfdisk with just --json in vitastor-disk (--dump --json isn't needed)
    • Allow trailing comma in sfdisk output (fixes sfdisk 2.36 compatibility)
    • Slightly improve RDMA send/receive code
    • Reduce RDMA memory consumption by default (rdma_max_recv/send = 16/8)
    • Use vitastor-cli instead of direct etcd interaction in the CSI driver