• Stable v0.4.0 3b7279b376

    Add Ceph EC 2+1 test results

    vitalif released this 2 years ago | 744 commits to master since this release

  • Stable v0.5.8 19e47a0279

    Release 0.5.8

    vitalif released this 3 years ago | 631 commits to master since this release

    • Add heartbeats (fixes failover in case of network issues or offline nodes)
    • Fix a bug where a PG could incorrectly become listed as 'incomplete' if historical osd_sets
      included a set with the the PG's primary OSD as the only alive one
    • Use osd_out_time = 10 minutes by default instead of 30 minutes
    • Make monitors stick to a single selected etcd URL on start and not try to select random ones
      on every request - this was leading to etcd interaction errors when some etcds were unavailable