Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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Vitastor CLI

vitastor-cli is a command-line tool for administrative tasks like image management.

It supports the following commands:

Global options:

--etcd_address ADDR  Etcd connection address
--iodepth N          Send N operations in parallel to each OSD when possible (default 32)
--parallel_osds M    Work with M osds in parallel when possible (default 4)
--progress 1|0       Report progress (default 1)
--cas 1|0            Use CAS writes for flatten, merge, rm (default is decide automatically)
--no-color           Disable colored output
--json               JSON output


vitastor-cli status

Show cluster status.

Example output:

    etcd: 1 / 1 up, 1.8 M database size
    mon:  1 up, master stump
    osd:  8 / 12 up

    raw:   498.5 G used, 301.2 G / 799.7 G available, 399.8 G down
    state: 156.6 G clean, 97.6 G misplaced
    pools: 2 / 3 active
    pgs:   30 active
           34 active+has_misplaced
           32 offline

    client:    0 B/s rd, 0 op/s rd, 0 B/s wr, 0 op/s wr
    rebalance: 989.8 M/s, 7.9 K op/s


vitastor-cli df

Show pool space statistics.

Example output:

testpool  2/1     32   100 G    34.2 G  60.7 G     39.23%  100%
size1     1/1     32   199.9 G  10 G    121.5 G    39.23%  100%
kaveri    2/1     32   0 B      10 G    0 B        100%    0%

In the example above, "kaveri" pool has "zero" efficiency because all its OSD are down.


vitastor-cli ls [-l] [-p POOL] [--sort FIELD] [-r] [-n N] [<glob> ...]

List images (only matching <glob> pattern(s) if passed).


-p|--pool POOL  Filter images by pool ID or name
-l|--long       Also report allocated size and I/O statistics
--del           Also include delete operation statistics
--sort FIELD    Sort by specified field (name, size, used_size, <read|write|delete>_<iops|bps|lat|queue>)
-r|--reverse    Sort in descending order
-n|--count N    Only list first N items

Example output:

debian9              testpool  20 G  12.3 G  0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us     RO
pve/vm-100-disk-0    testpool  20 G  0 B     0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us      -  debian9
pve/base-101-disk-0  testpool  20 G  0 B     0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us     RO  debian9
pve/vm-102-disk-0    testpool  32 G  36.4 M  0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us      -  pve/base-101-disk-0
debian9-test         testpool  20 G  36.6 M  0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us      -  debian9
bench                testpool  10 G  10 G    0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us      -
bench-kaveri         kaveri    10 G  10 G    0 B/s  0     0      0 us  0 B/s  0     0      0 us      -


vitastor-cli create -s|--size <size> [-p|--pool <id|name>] [--parent <parent_name>[@<snapshot>]] <name>

Create an image. You may use K/M/G/T suffixes for <size>. If --parent is specified, a copy-on-write image clone is created. Parent must be a snapshot (readonly image). Pool must be specified if there is more than one pool.

vitastor-cli create --snapshot <snapshot> [-p|--pool <id|name>] <image>
vitastor-cli snap-create [-p|--pool <id|name>] <image>@<snapshot>

Create a snapshot of image <name> (either form can be used). May be used live if only a single writer is active.


vitastor-cli modify <name> [--rename <new-name>] [--resize <size>] [--readonly | --readwrite] [-f|--force]

Rename, resize image or change its readonly status. Images with children can't be made read-write. If the new size is smaller than the old size, extra data will be purged. You should resize file system in the image, if present, before shrinking it.

-f|--force  Proceed with shrinking or setting readwrite flag even if the image has children.


vitastor-cli rm <from> [<to>] [--writers-stopped]

Remove <from> or all layers between <from> and <to> (<to> must be a child of <from>), rebasing all their children accordingly. --writers-stopped allows merging to be a bit more effective in case of a single 'slim' read-write child and 'fat' removed parent: the child is merged into parent and parent is renamed to child in that case. In other cases parent layers are always merged into children.


vitastor-cli flatten <layer>

Flatten a layer, i.e. merge data and detach it from parents.


vitastor-cli rm-data --pool <pool> --inode <inode> [--wait-list] [--min-offset <offset>]

Remove inode data without changing metadata.

--wait-list   Retrieve full objects listings before starting to remove objects.
              Requires more memory, but allows to show correct removal progress.
--min-offset  Purge only data starting with specified offset.


vitastor-cli merge-data <from> <to> [--target <target>]

Merge layer data without changing metadata. Merge <from>..<to> to <target>. <to> must be a child of <from> and <target> may be one of the layers between <from> and <to>, including <from> and <to>.


vitastor-cli alloc-osd

Allocate a new OSD number and reserve it by creating empty /osd/stats/<n> key.


vitastor-cli simple-offsets <device>

Calculate offsets for simple&stupid (no superblock) OSD deployment.

Options (see also Cluster-Wide Disk Layout Parameters):

--object_size 128k       Set blockstore block size
--bitmap_granularity 4k  Set bitmap granularity
--journal_size 32M       Set journal size
--device_block_size 4k   Set device block size
--journal_offset 0       Set journal offset
--device_size 0          Set device size
--format text            Result format: json, options, env, or text