Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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// Copyright (c) Vitaliy Filippov, 2019+
// License: VNPL-1.1 (see for details)
// Common CLI tool header
#pragma once
#include "json11/json11.hpp"
#include "object_id.h"
#include "ringloop.h"
#include <functional>
struct rm_inode_t;
struct snap_merger_t;
struct snap_flattener_t;
struct snap_remover_t;
class epoll_manager_t;
class cluster_client_t;
struct inode_config_t;
class cli_tool_t
uint64_t iodepth = 0, parallel_osds = 0;
bool progress = true;
bool list_first = false;
bool json_output = false;
int log_level = 0;
bool color = false;
ring_loop_t *ringloop = NULL;
epoll_manager_t *epmgr = NULL;
cluster_client_t *cli = NULL;
int waiting = 0;
ring_consumer_t consumer;
std::function<bool(void)> action_cb;
void run(json11::Json cfg);
void change_parent(inode_t cur, inode_t new_parent);
inode_config_t* get_inode_cfg(const std::string & name);
static json11::Json::object parse_args(int narg, const char *args[]);
static void help();
friend struct rm_inode_t;
friend struct snap_merger_t;
friend struct snap_flattener_t;
friend struct snap_remover_t;
std::function<bool(void)> start_ls(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_create(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_modify(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_rm(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_merge(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_flatten(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_snap_rm(json11::Json);
std::function<bool(void)> start_alloc_osd(json11::Json cfg, uint64_t *out = NULL);
std::function<bool(void)> simple_offsets(json11::Json cfg);
std::string format_size(uint64_t size);
uint64_t parse_size(std::string size_str);