Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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// Copyright (c) Vitaliy Filippov, 2019+
// License: VNPL-1.1 or GNU GPL-2.0+ (see for details)
#pragma once
#include <time.h>
#include <vector>
#include <functional>
struct timerfd_timer_t
int id;
uint64_t micros;
timespec start, next;
bool repeat;
std::function<void(int)> callback;
class timerfd_manager_t
int wait_state = 0;
int timerfd;
int nearest = -1;
int id = 1;
std::vector<timerfd_timer_t> timers;
void inc_timer(timerfd_timer_t & t);
void set_nearest();
void trigger_nearest();
void handle_readable();
std::function<void(int, bool, std::function<void(int, int)>)> set_fd_handler;
timerfd_manager_t(std::function<void(int, bool, std::function<void(int, int)>)> set_fd_handler);
int set_timer(uint64_t millis, bool repeat, std::function<void(int)> callback);
int set_timer_us(uint64_t micros, bool repeat, std::function<void(int)> callback);
void clear_timer(int timer_id);