Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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#!/bin/bash -ex
# Test the `no_same_sector_overwrites` mode
OSD_ARGS="--journal_no_same_sector_overwrites true --journal_sector_buffer_count 1024 --disable_data_fsync 1 --immediate_commit all"
. `dirname $0`/
#LSAN_OPTIONS=report_objects=true:suppressions=`pwd`/testdata/lsan-suppress.txt \
# fio -thread -name=test -ioengine=build/src/ -bs=4k -fsync=128 `$ETCDCTL get /vitastor/osd/state/1 --print-value-only | jq -r '"-host="+.addresses[0]+" -port="+(.port|tostring)'` -rw=write -size=32M
# Test basic write \
fio -thread -name=test -ioengine=build/src/ -bs=4M -direct=1 -iodepth=1 -rw=write -etcd=$ETCD_URL -pool=1 -inode=1 -size=1G -cluster_log_level=10
format_green OK