Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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#pragma once
#include "rpc.h"
struct rpc_op_t;
// Handler should return 1 if the request is processed asynchronously
// and requires the incoming message to not be freed until processing ends,
// 0 otherwise.
typedef int (*rpc_handler_t)(void *opaque, rpc_op_t *rop);
struct rpc_service_proc_t
uint32_t prog;
uint32_t vers;
uint32_t proc;
rpc_handler_t handler_fn;
xdrproc_t req_fn;
uint32_t req_size;
xdrproc_t resp_fn;
uint32_t resp_size;
void *opaque;
inline bool operator < (const rpc_service_proc_t & a, const rpc_service_proc_t & b)
return a.prog < b.prog || a.prog == b.prog && (a.vers < b.vers || a.vers == b.vers && a.proc < b.proc);
struct rpc_op_t
void *client;
uint8_t *buffer;
XDR *xdrs;
rpc_msg in_msg, out_msg;
void *request;
void *reply;
xdrproc_t reply_fn;
uint32_t reply_marker;
bool referenced;
void rpc_queue_reply(rpc_op_t *rop);