Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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Configuration Reference

Vitastor configuration consists of:

Configuration parameters can be set in 3 places:

  • Configuration file (/etc/vitastor/vitastor.conf or other path)
  • etcd key /vitastor/config/global. Most variables can be set there, but etcd connection parameters should obviously be set in the configuration file.
  • Command line of Vitastor components: OSD, mon, fio and QEMU options, OpenStack/Proxmox/etc configuration. The latter doesn't allow to set all variables directly, but it allows to override the configuration file and set everything you need inside it.

In the future, additional configuration methods may be added:

  • OSD superblock which will, by design, contain parameters related to the disk layout and to one specific OSD.
  • OSD-specific keys in etcd like /vitastor/config/osd/<number>.

Parameter Reference