Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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DocumentationConfiguration → Monitor Parameters

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Monitor Parameters

These parameters only apply to Monitors.


  • Type: seconds
  • Default: 30
  • Minimum: 10

Monitor etcd lease refresh interval in seconds


  • Type: milliseconds
  • Default: 1000

etcd request timeout used by monitor


  • Type: integer
  • Default: 5

Maximum number of attempts for one monitor etcd request


  • Type: milliseconds
  • Default: 1000
  • Minimum: 100

Optimistic retry interval for monitor etcd modification requests


  • Type: milliseconds
  • Default: 1000
  • Minimum: 100

Interval for monitor to wait before updating aggregated statistics in etcd after receiving OSD statistics updates


  • Type: seconds
  • Default: 600

Time after which a failed OSD is removed from the data distribution. I.e. time which the monitor waits before attempting to restore data redundancy using other OSDs.


  • Type: json
  • Default: {"host":100,"osd":101}

Levels for the placement tree. You can define arbitrary tree levels by defining them in this parameter. The configuration parameter value should contain a JSON object with level names as keys and integer priorities as values. Smaller priority means higher level in tree. For example, "datacenter" should have smaller priority than "osd". "host" and "osd" levels are always predefined and can't be removed. If one of them is not present in the configuration, then it is defined with the default priority (100 for "host", 101 for "osd").