Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph
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struct copy_buffer_t
uint64_t offset, len;
void *buf;
struct meta_sector_t
uint64_t offset, len;
int state;
void *buf;
int usage_count;
struct flusher_sync_t
int ready_count;
int state;
struct flusher_meta_write_t
uint64_t sector, pos;
bool submitted;
std::map<uint64_t, meta_sector_t>::iterator it;
class journal_flusher_t;
// Journal flusher coroutine
class journal_flusher_co
blockstore *bs;
journal_flusher_t *flusher;
int wait_state, wait_count;
struct io_uring_sqe *sqe;
struct ring_data_t *data;
bool skip_copy, has_delete;
obj_ver_id cur;
std::map<obj_ver_id, dirty_entry>::iterator dirty_it, dirty_start, dirty_end;
std::vector<copy_buffer_t> v;
std::vector<copy_buffer_t>::iterator it;
int copy_count;
uint64_t offset, len, submit_offset, submit_len, clean_loc, old_clean_loc, old_clean_ver;
flusher_meta_write_t meta_old, meta_new;
std::map<object_id, uint64_t>::iterator repeat_it;
std::function<void(ring_data_t*)> simple_callback_r, simple_callback_w;
std::list<flusher_sync_t>::iterator cur_sync;
friend class journal_flusher_t;
bool modify_meta_read(uint64_t meta_loc, flusher_meta_write_t &wr, int wait_base);
void update_clean_db();
bool fsync_batch();
bool loop();
// Journal flusher itself
class journal_flusher_t
int flusher_count;
int sync_threshold;
journal_flusher_co *co;
blockstore *bs;
friend class journal_flusher_co;
int journal_trim_counter, journal_trim_interval;
void* journal_superblock;
int active_flushers, active_until_sync;
std::list<flusher_sync_t> syncs;
std::map<object_id, uint64_t> sync_to_repeat;
std::map<uint64_t, meta_sector_t> meta_sectors;
std::deque<object_id> flush_queue;
std::map<object_id, uint64_t> flush_versions;
journal_flusher_t(int flusher_count, blockstore *bs);
void loop();
bool is_active();
void enqueue_flush(obj_ver_id oid);
void unshift_flush(obj_ver_id oid);