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Утилита для конвертации ключей КриптоПро в нормальный PEM формат (openssl)

Updated 3 months ago

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Docker-образ с TileOven (форк TileMill)

Updated 4 years ago

Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Go

Updated 13 hours ago

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Valhalla source build in Docker

Updated 3 years ago

Docker с imposm3 и скриптом загрузки

Updated 4 years ago

Grafana dashboard for Ceph with ceph-mgr built-in prometheus exporter (since Mimic) and multi-cluster support

Updated 2 years ago

Block copy tool for dm-era

Updated 10 months ago

Move and discard chunks of Ceph RBD image

Updated 4 years ago


Updated 3 years ago

MediaWiki-like select builder for PostgreSQL, Oracle and possibly MySQL

Updated 7 months ago

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Copy of dropbox/json11 repository with uint64_t/int64_t support

Updated 5 months ago

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Dynamic DNS for OpenNebula (fork with setuid)

Updated 3 years ago

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Diskless Debian prepare script for server install automation

Updated 2 years ago

Prometheus exporter for sensor data like temperature and fan speed (built with go-modules)

Updated 2 years ago