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Libnfs with two patches, already merged to upstream

Updated 1 year ago

C++ Mark's bench for Ceph

Updated 12 months ago

mdtest with fsync

Updated 12 months ago

Golang-based Ceph benchmark tool (copy of rumanzo/ceph-gobench)

Updated 12 months ago

Simple bridge network for kubernetes

Updated 12 months ago

cpp-btree with a small fix

Updated 11 months ago

Утилита для конвертации ключей КриптоПро в нормальный PEM формат (openssl)

Updated 10 months ago

Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Go

Updated 8 months ago

Google Drive client with support for new Drive REST API and partial sync http://yourcmc.ru/wiki/Grive2

Updated 5 months ago

Clone of Proxmox QEMU build scripts with Vitastor support

Updated 3 months ago

Fixed fork of the hsbench S3 benchmark utility

Updated 2 months ago

Ceph/Vitastor cluster AFR calculator

Updated 2 months ago

Copy of dropbox/json11 repository with uint64_t/int64_t support

Updated 1 month ago

KWin 5 with ICC color correction effect

Updated 4 weeks ago