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Fast streaming JSON parser for PHP

Updated 4 months ago

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Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph

Updated 20 hours ago

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 3 years ago

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Updated 6 years ago

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(FORK) G-code generator for 3D printers (RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker etc.)

Updated 6 years ago

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PHP and Perl template engine,

Updated 1 year ago

Improved fork of Bugzilla 3.6.4 with many new features -

Updated 2 years ago

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Fork of e2fsprogs with inode table reallocator

Updated 4 years ago

Old version of inode reallocator (merged into e2fsprogs fork)

Updated 3 years ago

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Google Drive client with support for new Drive REST API and partial sync

Updated 1 year ago

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An improved fork of LIME, an LALR(1) parser generator written in PHP. The original source code can be found at

Updated 7 years ago

Levenshtein distance implementation as a MySQL User-Defined Function

Updated 6 years ago

STANDALONE and SIMPLE!!! OAuth 2.0 identity provider integration.

Updated 3 years ago

Forked OpenESB components with my fixes (A LOT of improvements for Database BC and bugfixes for others)

Updated 5 years ago