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ZBackup with "cacheless restore" (GC feature merged to upstream) http://zbackup.org/

Updated 8 years ago

Basic VPP pingpong app to measure RTT

Updated 1 year ago

PHP and Perl template engine, http://yourcmc.ru/wiki/VMXTemplate

Updated 3 years ago

Simplified distributed block storage with strong consistency, like in Ceph

Updated 3 days ago

Извлечение закрытого ключа из контейнеров ViPNet CSP и ViPNet JCrypto SDK

Updated 2 years ago

ViewVC (http://viewvc.tigris.org) CVS/SVN repository viewer, with some advanced features like full-text indexing of file contents (including binary like *.doc) using Sphinx Search and Apache TIka.

Updated 8 years ago

Valhalla source build in Docker

Updated 4 years ago

Web 3 connector for TON wallets (fork)

Updated 3 weeks ago

Docker-образ с TileOven (форк TileMill)

Updated 4 years ago

A wrapper library around dpkg to make it use tokyocabinet (or sqlite) and speed it up when reading database. See http://yourcmc.ru/wiki/Tdpkg

Updated 10 years ago

Perl bindings (XS) for Sophia 1.2 (http://sphia.org), a modern embeddable key-value database designed for a high load environment

Updated 8 years ago

(FORK) G-code generator for 3D printers (RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker etc.)

Updated 9 years ago

Abandoned attempt to create simple software Flash Translation Layer

Updated 6 years ago

Prometheus exporter for sensor data like temperature and fan speed (built with go-modules)

Updated 3 years ago

Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Go

Updated 8 months ago